Grants for interdisciplinary research projects in neuroscience and related fields – 2021

Deadline to submit Pre-proyect is 17 June 2021

The International Centre for Neuroscience and Ethics (CINET), established by the Tatiana Pérez de Guzmán el Bueno Foundation, has published a call for grants for research projects of a maximum duration of 3 years, preferably empirical in nature and arising from effective dialogue between neuroscience and other fields of knowledge such as human biology, bioethics, psychology, philosophy, history or physics. The aim of the projects is to contribute to one of the following topics without being limited to them:

1) a better understanding of the current and upcoming ethical challenges of neuroscience;

2) new experiments in cognitive neuroscience motivated by profound theoretical considerations;

3) original proposals on the mind-brain problem that contribute to a holistic understanding of human beings;

4) research projects focusing on specific subjects that straddle multiple disciplines, such as consciousness, free will, and subjectivity.


Grants will be awarded to research groups represented by one or two principal investigators and having a valid contract with a Spanish academic or research institution during the project period.

The ordinary term of execution of the Projects will be three years.


Applications must be submitted in two stages:

– In the first phase, the Pre-Project, a preliminary proposal for the Project, will be presented.

– In the second phase, the principal investigators of the Pre-Projects that received favourable evaluations will submit the whole Project application.


The deadline for submission of the Pre-Project is 17 June 2021.

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