“Política, colonialismo, imperialismo y guerra también se originan en el cerebro humano.”

What is CINET?

CINET is the International Centre for Neuroscience and Ethics created by the Tatiana Pérez de Guzmán el Bueno Foundation. It was founded with the goal of fostering interaction between cutting-edge neuroscience, psychology, and the humanities to improve our understanding of the brain and the ethical challenges it poses. The interaction between the rest of the body, mental activity and the social reality of the individual must be explored, because knowledge of the brain is inseparable from the totality of the person in which it resides. To obtain this integrated view of the neurological system, interdisciplinary researchers must be trained in the hope of eventually finding a solution.
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The mission of CINET is to promote dialogue, education and multidisciplinary research leading to a more accurate knowledge of how the human brain works. A systemic approach is taken to examine the global functioning of the brain, its connection with the rest of the body, with the life history of the individual, and with interpersonal relationships.


CINET supports environmental and neuroscience research in Spain. This support takes the form of a series of calls for proposals, which you can consult and read in this section of the website.
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Interview to Jorge Sepulcre

Interview to Jorge Sepulcre

Jorge Sepulcre is faculty member and laboratory director at the Gordon Center for Medical Imaging, Massachusetts General Hospital, and an Associate Professor at Harvard Medical School. After completing MD and PhD degrees in his native Spain at the University of...


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